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Project |01


Project |01 Rebel Monk

When one of Dar's up and coming DJs came to us, he was called DJ Nishit. He wanted his identity to match the haunting restraint of his music. 


I crafted a deep dive inquiry into what drove his passion for music and distilled a set of core values. We took an array of revolutionary images from art and photography and built them into a symetrical form that would hold the counterpoint, creative tension of his music.

Project |02


Project |02 Raha Broadband

Raha means 'happy' in Swahili. 


And Raha brought free wi-fi to Tanzania before most people knew what it was. They were in coffee shops with dirt floors and all the clubs, mostly outdoors. 


Raha put out an RFP when the telecoms started laying cable to take over broadband knowing that they would need to offer something unique to the marketplace.


We responded with a 'we love broadband' concept and a way to create community among their users.

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Project |03


Project |03 AK's

AK's is a menswear retailer in Dar es Salaam. They were the first local business to bring in luxe fashion: Hugo Boss, Armani, and the like. 


Their challenge was in separating their merchandise so shoppers could comfortably shop for what they wanted. I came up with a tiering strategy that could be merchandised at their various locations, anchoring their fashion core at the new location in downtown Dar. 


The owners wanted to expand their franchise to include food - the bistro. The new location had a cafe next to the mens store. 


This identity work shows how the stores and cafe integrate to create a seamless flow to the sensibilities AKs wanted to own in the lifestyle category.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss collaborating >>
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